What is special modeling studio Zeppet?

A special modeling studio active in various fields such as movies, commercials, TV programs, facilities, and events.

We handle a wide range of projects, from large to small professional productions, and even individual orders.

Leveraging 40 years of achievements and experience, we provide the best works tailored to your needs, budget, and schedule.

*Zeppet is the name of the puppeteer who created "Pinocchio," a doll given life by a goddess.


Special Modeling

・ Filming Models
・ Display Models
・ Realistic Animal Art
・ Memorial Modeling

Costume Suits

・ Body Suits
・ Action Suits
・ Special Costumes
・ Headgears

Digital Modeling

・ Digital Processing
・ 3D Modeling
・ 3D Painting
・ 3D Printing


・ Animatronics for Filming
・ Animatronics for Display
・ Exterior Production
・ Controlling Systems

Mass Production

・ Prototypes
・ Figures
・ Mass Production of Various Items
・ Sales

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At Zeppet, we accept orders of various models. As a team of sophisticated creators, we promise a quality only available through our extensive experience, expertise, and know-how.


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